* Some rusted areas are too advanced and need to be addressed by an auto body technician

Windshield Replacement Rhode Island

Windshield Replacement

The picture on the left is from an installation done by another company. The customer heard an air noise and requested another replacement. During the first replacement, the pinch weld was scratched, which sometimes happens, however that technician did not use a primer. The scratch rusted in less than one month and would have spread if not found and repaired, potentially posing a safety issue. Our technician removed the rust, primed the pinch weld and properly installed a new windshield.

Some companies offer lifetime warranties but void them if your car is found to have rust. We Do Not! Our technicians will inspect the rusted areas and repair (if possible) by grinding down the rust and use 2 coats of primer to ensure proper adhesion.* 


A cracked windshield compromises the structural integrity of the vehicle. Glares can distract the driver, a cracked windshield will prevent your vehicle from passing inspection and can even get ticketed by the police. Protect your family and protect your wallet by having your windshield replaced.


Our technician will assess the damage and repair the windshield if possible or replace it if needed. Your rear view mirror, inspection sticker and any other permits will be removed and replaced on your new windshield. He will place a protective drop cloth over your hood to protect it during the installation and clean your windshield after installation.  The urethane is usually set within 1 hour but the technician will write the safe drive away time on your invoice.


South Coast Auto Glass uses OEM or OEE glass, the highest quality adhesives and primer when necessary. All replacement receive a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and labor.